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اصطلاحات رایج زبان انگلیسی


مجموعه کامل از اصطلاحات رایج زبان انگلیس

عزیزان امروز برای شما مجموعه از لیست اصطلاحات رایج زبان انگلیسی را گردآوری کرده ایم تا بتوانید استفاده کنید

1. String someone along

به بازي گرفتن كسي، كسي را سر كار

“By seeing him with another woman, she realized that he was
stringing her along.”

2. On the house

مجاني، به حساب فروشنده يا رستوران

“We had to pay for the food, but the drinks were on the

3. Come down to earth

از رويا بيرون آمدن، واقع بين بودن

“You gotta come down to earth, you can’t be a runner with a
lame leg.”

4. Hit the road

راه افتادن، عازم شدن

“It’s getting pretty late. Let’s hit the road!

5. Get cold feet

جا زدن، تو زدن، دچار دو دلي شدن

“I usually get cold feet when I have to speak in public.”

6. Tongue-in-Cheek

شوخي، بي منظور، كنايه آميز

“Even though Mary’s remarks about her sister were strictly
tongue-in-cheek, she was offended.”

7. Different strokes for different folks

سليقه ها مختلفه، هر كسي به يه چيزي
علا قه داره

“My husband likes watching TV, but I like reading books.
Well, different strokes for different folks.”

8. Get ants in one’s pants

بي قرار شدن، دل شوره گرفتن

“I really get ants in my pants before a lecture.”

9. Rock the boat

آرامش را برهم زدن، درد سر درست كردن

“Everyone’s living in peace and quiet here. Don’t rock the
boat please!”

10. Get off someone’s case

دست از سر كسي برداشتن، كسي را ول

“Come on, get off may case! Stop nagging me.”

11. Monkey business

دوز و كلك، حقه بازي، مسخره بازي

“Stop the monkey business! This is serious.”

12. As like as two peas in a pod

مثل سيبي كه از وسط نصف كرده باشند،
كاملا شبيه به هم بودن

“The two sisters are as like as two peas in a pod.”

13. Like a fish out of water

كاملا با محيط ناآشنا بودن، در محيط
نا مانوس بودن

“For the first new days in New York, I was like a fish out of water.”

14. Bark worse than one’s bite

به اندازه اي كه نشون ميده بد نيست

“Our boss is so strike and everyone’s scared of him, but all
know that his bark worse than his bite.”

15. Have a screw loose

يك تخته كم داشتن، بالا خانه خود را
اجاره دادن، عقل كسي را پاره سنگ برداشتن

“He never talks sense. He seems to have a screw loose.”

16. Eat one’s hat

اسم خود را عوض كردن

“You’re not studying hard enough. I’ll eat my hat if you
pass the test.”

17. Talk of the devil

عجب حلال زاده اي، انگار كه موشو
آتيش زدن!

“Talk of the devil! We just mentioned your name before you
stepped in.”

18. Neck and neck

پا به پاي هم، دوش به دوش

“They were coming toward finish line neck and neck.”

19. All’s well that ends well

موفقيت ارزش تلاش را دارد.

“Assuming your efforts, I’m sure you’ll find a good job. As
they say: ‘All’s well that ends well.”

20. Bite the bullet

طاقت آوردن، تحمل كردن، دندان روي
جگر گذاشتن

“I hate my present job. I gotta bite the bullet for a while
until I find a new job.”

21. For the birds

مفت گران بودن، به درد نخور، بي

“Let’s get out of here! What he’s saying is for the birds.”

22. No spring chicken

سني از كسي گذشتن، ديگر جوان نبودن

“I’m not as agile as I used to be. I’m no spring chicken.”

23. Play gooseberry

سر خر بودن، موي دماغ بودن، مزاحم

“I guess you two wanna be left alone. I’m not gonna play

24. On easy street

در ناز و نعمت، مرفه

“Everyone has problems, even people who live on easy

25. The last straw

طاقت كسي طاق شدن، كاسه صبر كسي
لبريز شدن

“She’s always been rude to me, but it was the last straw when
she started insulting my sister.”

26. Rain or shine

هر جور شده، در هر شرايطي

“I’ll always go see Dad on Fridays, rain or shine.”

27. Do a number on someone

نارو زدن، خيانت كردن، كسي را خرد

“Richard did a number on his wife. He sold his house without
her knowledge.”

28. All wet

كور خواندن، سخت در اشتباه بودن

“If you think you can change my opinion about marriage,
you’re all wet.’

29. Bury the hatchet

آشتي كردن، كينه و دشمني را كنار
گذاشتن، با هم كنار آمدن

“You’d better bury the hatchet before things get worse
between you two.”

30. Dressed to the teeth

با سليقه لباس پوشيدن

“A: What’s your idea about Sally’s dress?

B: That’s perfect. She’s really dressed to the teeth.”

31. The whole ball of wax

كاسه و كوزه، همه چيز

“What Robert said at the meeting ruined the whole ball of

32. Beat about the bush

صغري كبري چيدن، طفره رفتن، حاشيه

“Stop beating about the bush! Answer my question frankly.”

33. Knock on wood

بزنم به تخته! بزن به تخته!

“The children haven’t had a cold so far this winter, knock
on wood!”

34. Blow the whistle on someone

لو دادن، راپرت دادن، رسوا كردن

“The gangs in our neighbor have become intolerable. It’s
definitely time we blow the whistle on them.”

35. Give something one’s best shot

نهايت سعي خود را كردن

“Do you think you can fix the washing machine? I’m not sure,
but I’ll give it my best shot.”

36. Sell like hot cakes

سر دست رفتن، مثل برق فروش رفتن

“The new cordless phones are selling like hot cakes.”

37. Play it cool

خونسرد رفتار كردن، عادي رفتار كردن،
آرام بودن

“The cops wont suspect anything if you play it cool.”

38. Pain in the neck (ass)

مايه درد سر، مايه عذاب، بلاي جان

“There’s something wrong with my car almost everyday. It’s
usually become a pain in the neck.”

39. Have one’s cake and eat it too

هم خدا و هم خرما را خواستن

“George wants a regular income but doesn’t wanna work. He
can’t have his cake and eat it too!”

40. Snow job

بازار گرمي، زبان بازي

“That car dealer did a snow job on me by selling me a car
that was a piece of junk.”

41. Keep something under one’s hat

راز داري كردن، بروز ندادن

“I wanna tell you a secret, but you gotta promise to keep it
under your hat.”

42. Feather in one"s cap

مايه سر افرازي، مايه افتخار

“His last book was another feather in his cap.”

43. On one’s last legs

نفس هاي آخر را كشيدن، به روغن سوزي

“My car is in its last legs. I have to get rid of it as soon
as I can.”

44. Call a spade a spade

بدون رو دربايستي گفتن، رك و پوست
كنده گفتن، بي پرده حرف زدن

“Grandfather hates fancy words. He always calls a spade a

45. Eyes are bigger than one’s stomach

حرص زدن

“She ordered too much dessert. I don’t think she can finish
her food. Her eyes are bigger than her stomach.”

46. Out on a limb

در موقعيت خطرناك قرار داشتن

“You’re placing yourselves out on a limb by saying those
words to your chief.”

47. Get in someone’s hair

ذله كردن، به ستوه آوردن، كلافه كردن

“I went home to get some rest, but the kids kept getting in
my hair.”

48. Save someone’s neck

به داد كسي رسيدن، كسي را نجات دادن

“Thanks for not letting boss fire me. You saved my neck in

49. Up one’s sleeves

آماده داشتن، تو آستين داشتن، براي
روز مبادا زير سر داشتن

“I wonder what tricks he has up his sleeves this time.”

50. Fly off the handle

از جا در رفتن، از كوره در رفتن

“Every time we talk about money, my father flies off the

51. In the doghouse

كم محلي كردن، محل سگ هم به كسي
نگذاشتن، توي درد سر افتادن

“Because I forgot my wife’s birthday, I have been in the
doghouse for the past two weeks.”

52. Eating someone

معذب بودن

“Please tell me what has been eating you maybe we can work
your problem out together.”

53. Hit the ceiling

از عصبانيت منفجر شدن، از كوره در

“Waller’s father hit the ceiling when he heard that his son
had got a speeding ticket.”

54. Horse around

بيهوده دور خود چرخيدن، از زير كار
در رفتن، ورجه وورجه كردن، بازيگوشي كردن

“Stop horsing around and get to work.”

55. Pull someone’s leg

كسي را دست انداختن، سر به سر كسي
گذاشتن، كسي را فيلم كردن

“Come on, don’t get mad. I’m just pulling your leg.”

56. On one’s high horse

باد كردن، خود را گرفتن

“Our friend hasn’t been paying so much attention to anyone
recently. He seems to be on his high horse again.”

57. Kick in the pants

محرك، هل، تشويق

“All he needs is a kick in the pants to get him going.”

58. Put the cart before the horse

ملا نصرالديني عمل كردن، كارها را
وارونه انجام دادن، سرنا را از سر گشاد زدن

“Hey Tom! Why are you eating your dessert first? You’re
putting the cart before the horse!”

59. As cool as a cucumber

خونسرد، آرام، بي خيال

“A wheel came off his car but he was as cool as a cucumber.”

60. Talk someone’s ear off

با پر حرفي سر كسي را بردن

“My grandfather talks my ear off whenever I see him.”

61. Hit the nail on the head

تو خال زدن، به هدف زدن، درست حدس

“I guess we need a lot of money to carry out the plan.
You’re absolutely right. You’ve hit the nail on the head!”

62. Can’t make head or tail of something

از چيزي سر در نياوردن

“I can’t make head or tail of what you’re saying. Why don’t
you speak more clearly?”

63. Throw the book at

به اشد مجازات محكوم كردن، شديدا
مواخذه و تنبيه كردن

“You’ve stolen a car and struck a cop. I’m gonna throw the
book at you.”

64. Scratch one’s back

هواي كسي را داشتن

“If you lend the money I need, I’ll help you pain your
house. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours!”

65. Hit below the belt

نامردي كردن، نارو زدن

“I’ll never do any business with Peter again. He really hits
below the belt.”

66. Dog-eat-dog

هركي هركي، ظالم، بي رحم

“It’s pretty tough to survive in this dog-eat-dog world.”

67. Hot under the collar

جوش آوردن، دو آتيشه عصباني شدن، داغ

“Daddy was hot under the collar when we told him his car had
been stolen.”

68. Bend over backwards (to do something)

از جان مايه گذاشتن

“For passing all the exams successfully, his parents bent
over backwards to help him.”

69. In one’s book

به عقيده شخص، به ديد شخص

“In my book you’re the most generous person in the world.”

70. Under one’s very nose

درست جلو چشمان شخص

“The waitress told the court that the murder had been
committed under his very nose.”

71. Smell a rat

مشكوك بودن، مظنون بودن

“I smelled a rat as soon as I saw a strange man walking on
our farm.”

72. Kick up one’s heels

خوش گذراندن، خوش بودن، جشن گرفتن

“I like to go to their party and really kick up my heels.”

73. Alive and kicking

سرو مرو گنده، سالم و سرحال، چاق و

how’s your uncle?

He’s alive and kicking!”

74. Turn one’s stomach

دل كسي را به هم زدن، حال كسي را به
هم زدن

“The party was so bad that it turned my stomach.”

75. Wet behind the ears

دهان كسي بوي شير دادن، بي تجربه و
خام بودن، جوجه بودن، بچه بودن

“He’s too young to become a manager. He’s still wet behind
the ears!”

76. Under the table

رشوه، زير ميزي

“I had to pay one grand under the table to have the contract

77. Wear the pants

رئيس خانواده بودن، حاكم خانه بودن،
مرد خانه بودن

“In our house, it’s my mother who wears the pants.”

78. Pass the buck

تقصير را گردن ديگران انداختن،
مسوليت را متوجه ديگران ساختن

“No one will take the blame for the mistake. They keep
passing the buck.”

79. Catch (someone) red handed

مچ كسي را گرفتن، سر بزنگاه كسي را
دستگير كردن

“The hoodlums were tampering with the public phone when the
police arrived and caught them red handed.”

80. Break the ice

سر صحبت را باز كردن، رودربايستي را
از بين بردن

“We sat there without saying a word until I finally broke
the ice by telling a joke.”

81. At the end of one’s rope

جان كسي به لب رسيدن، كارد به
استخوان كسي رسيدن

“Tell the kids to stop fighting. I’m at the end of my rope.”

82. No strings attached

بدون قيد و شرط، بدون تعهد

“You don’t need to worry about it. You can use my car with
no strings attached.”

83. Walk on air

از خوشحالي پر در آوردن، از خوشحالي
روي ابرها راه رفتن

“Bob was walking on air on his graduation day.”

84. Wheel and deal

ساخت و پاخت كردن، زد و بند كردن،
گلوبندي كردن

“You can’t do any business in this town if you don’t wheel
and deal.”

85. Get away clean

قصر در رفتن، از مجازات فرار كردن

“After robbing the bank, the robbers spent off in a waiting
car and got away clean.”

86. Hold one’s tongue

جلو زبان خود را گرفتن، مواظب زبان
خود بودن

“Hold your tongue, Steve! You can’t talk to your sister that

87. Talk turkey

جدي صحبت كردن، رك و پوست كنده حرف
زدن، بي پرده حرف زدن

“Let’s stop joking around! We’ve got to sit down and talk

88. Sell short

دست كم گرفتن

“Don’t sell him short, he’s a very smart lawyer.”

89. For a song

مفت، ارزان

“My house’s very expensive now, but I bought it for a song two
years ago.”

90. Dog in the manger

آدم بخيل، آدم تنگ نظر

“Kathryn never gives away anything she herself has no use
for. She’s such a dog in the manger!”

91. Pay lip service

شعار دادن، حمايت توخالي كردن

“Don’t sit and pay lip service to human rights. Get busy!”

92. The party is over!

بازي ديگه تموم شد!

“Freeze! Stick ‘em up! The party’s over!

93. Hear over the grapevine

از اين طرف و آن طرف شنيدن، از زبان
اين و آن شنيدن

“How do you know Mr Smith is resigning?

I heard it over the grapevine.”

94. Make no bones about something

صاف و پوست كنده، رك و راست، بي شك و

“Linda made no bones about telling John how much she hated

95. Take a rain check

به وقت ديگري موكول كردن

“I’m pretty busy on Friday. Could I take a rain check on
your invitation?”

96. Rub it in

سرزنش كردن، ملامت كردن، سركوفت زدن

“I know I made a terrible mistake but there’s no need to rub
it in.”

97. Paint the town red

حسابي خوش بودن، خوش گذراندن

“Let’s go out tonight and paint the town red!”

98. See stars

برق از چشم كسي پريدن

“I saw stars when I hit my head against the door.”

99. On ice

راكد گذاشتن، عقب انداختن، درآب نمك

“I have two pieces of land. One I sell and the other I keep
on ice for a rainy day.”

100. Blow it

خرابكاري كردن، گند زدن

“I didn’t write more than half of the question in exam. I
really blew it!”

101. Sell someone down the river

به كسي خيانت كردن، لو دادن، فريب

“The police raided the gangsters’ den and arrested them all
apparently. Someone has sold them down the river.”

102. In stitches

از خنده روده بر شدن، ريسه رفتن

“The play had us in stitches for hours.”

103. Take someone for a ride

سر كسي كلاه گذاشتن، كلك زدن، سر كسي
را زير آب كردن

“Jack! if you’re not careful, the mechanic definitely will
take you for a ride.”

104. Feel under the weather

دمق بودن، دل و دماغ نداشتن، حال كسي
گرفته بودن

“I don’t feel like going to work today. I feel under the

105. Toot one’s own horn

لاف زدن، منم منم كردن، از خود تعريف

“Richard’s always tooting his own horn. All he talk about is
how good he is.”

106. Pull strings

پارتي بازي كردن، اعمال نفوذ كردن

“Is it possible to get anything done around here without
pulling strings?”

107. Cross swords

سرشاخ شدن، درگير شدن، بحث و جدل

“Whenever they see each other, they get along for the first
few hours, but they finally end up crossing swords.”

108. Get carried away

احساساتي شدن، ذوق زده شدن

“Calm down Al! ِِِDon’t
get carried away. We have to sit down and talk sense.”

109. Like the back of one’s hand

مثل كف دست

“I know the city like the back of my hand.”

110. On the line

به خطر افتادن، در معرض خطر قرار

“The company has already lost two million bucks. A lot of
jobs are on the line.”

111. Be Greek to one

قابل درك نبودن، سر در نياوردن

“I didn’t understand a single word of his speech. It was all
Greek to me.”

112. Mind one’s P’s and Q’s

مواظب زبان و رفتار خود بودن، مودب

“You must mind your p’s and q’s at the reception tonight.”

113. The salt of the earth

آدم هاي نازنين، آدم يا آدم هاي بي
نطير، شخص يا اشخاص شريف

“Everybody knows that Jim and his old lady are the salt of
the earth.”

114. Full of it

چرت و پرت گفتنع مزخرف گفتن

“Oh! Shut up Roger! You’re full of it!”

115. Where is the beef?

اصل قضيه كجاست؟ از مايه چه خبر؟

“Your proposal seems to be really appealing, but where‘s the

116. Wild goose chase

آب در هاون كوبيدن، كار بيهوده كردن

“Doing business in this town is definitely a wild goose

117. Eat one’s heart out

حسودي كردن، دل كسي سوختن، غصه خوردن

“Do you like my new car? Well, eat your heart out, it’s one
of a kind!”

118. Out of the blue

بي خبر، مثل عجل معلق

“As soon as the burglar stepped out of the house, a cop
appeared out of the blue and busted him.”

119. Get the ax

اخراج شدن، از كار بر كنار شدن

“I got the ax two months ago. I haven’t been able to find a
new job yet.”

120. Level with someone

با كسي رو راست بودن، با كسي صادق

“Come on Bill! I want you to level with me. Did you do it?”

121. Lose one’s shirt

آس و پاس شدنع دار و ندار خود را

“I almost lost my shirt on that damn business.”

122. Look dagers at someone

چشم غره رفتن

“Why are you looking daggers at me? Have I done anything

123. Quick on the trigger

حاظر جواب، فرز، هفت تير كش فرز

“Peter’s really quick on the trigger. He has a ready answer
to almost every question.”

124. At the end of one’s rope

آخر طاقت كسي

“She was at the end of her rope when she saw that the door
of her house was opened and everywhere was messy.”

125. Make a splash

كولاك كردن، معركه كردن، غوغا كردن،
مثل بمب صدا كردن

“She made quite a splash in literary circles with her first

126. Hold your horses

دست نگه دار! تند نرو! عجله نكن!

“Hey, don’t get so mad! Hold on your horses and let us

127. In the bag

رو شاخ بودن، صد در صد

“I’ve got the election in the bag. Everyone’s gonna vote for

128. Big mouth

وراج، دهن لق، زبان دراز

“Don’t tell him any secrets. He’s a big mouth.”

129. Feed someone a line

فريب دادن، گول زدن، فريفتن

“Trust people around you, but don’t let anyone to feed you a

130. In the hole

قرض بالا آوردن، زير بار قرض بودن،
بدهكار بودن

“I’m five thousand bucks in the hole. I don’t know what to

131. Go cold turkey

يك مرتبه عادتي را كنار گذاشتن، بي
مقدمه ترك اعتياد كردن

“The doctor believes that if her opium addict had gone cold
turkey, he might have survived.”

132. Hit the hay

توي رختخواب پريدن، خوابيدن

“Okay guys, we have to get up early. I guess it’s about the
time to hit the hay!”

133. Piece of cake

مثل آب خوردن، خيلي آسان

“I’ll fix the TV in a flash. It’s a piece of cake!”

134. Keep one’s fingers crossed (for someone)

براي كسي آرزوي موفقيت كردن

“I’m gonna take a big test tomorrow.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.”

135. Spill the beans

بند را آب دادن، حرف از دهن كسي

“He has no idea what I’ve done for his birthday party. I beg
you not to spill the beans!”

136. Put heads together

با هم مشورت كردن، با هم طرح ريختن،
هم فكري كردن

“If we put our heads together, we may be able to settle the

137. Pardon my French

ببخشيد بد دهني مي كنم، با عرض معذرت

“He’s really a bastard, if you pardon my French.”

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